Industrial Measurement Engineering

Demanding measurement tasks require special and individual solutions. The focus is on a high level of functionality, quality and effective cost-effectiveness. Our portfolio for the measurement tasks mentioned here includes a wide variety of tasks, which we as Synva GmbH can support for you.

As measuring systems and measuring components we offer solutions for, among other things the following applications:

SYNVA-4c-DISC Liquid interface detection

fliud monitoring and dry pump protection

SYNVA-TN Interface level
SYNVA-C24-7 Liquid separations or dry pipe monitor
Level of a sludge under water

A new brouchure about sludge and sediment level under water comming soon!

SYNVA2.0 Oil spill alarm
SYNVA-SD Detection and monitoring of sticky Foams
SYNVA-4c Concentration or fluid change

also Reaction and time of a seperation between different fluids

SYNVA-Puck Leakage detection of all kinds of fluids
SYNVA-PDplus Bulks and Powder
SYNVA-LN Sticky filling levels
Probes for special machinery, mini plants and laboratorys

Overview of Pharma Machinery

Special probes for process technology and machinery

Overview of applications in mechanical and plant engineering

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