Industrial measurement engineering for extreme conditions

for production, laboratory, and pilot plant with media contact, for example by glass, ceramics, tantalum, enamel

Industrial measurement engineering for extreme conditions

Foams and fill levels in air and gas atmosphere from minus 274 °C to 350 °C - at 1000 bar

Industrial measurement engineering for extreme conditions

Adhering separation layer levels - including for phase inversion, water content from 1000 ppm in organics - inline

Viscous… adhesive… extremely high pressures and temperatures – measuring and controlling

Insert probe, be content!

For your process engineering, you would like to have a clear and solution-oriented concept and… save costs. That’s precisely what we offer – goal-oriented!

Synva helps answering the question of “… what does the product do?” We support you when it comes to differentiating media by metrological methods and making them continuously available to the process in a controlled manner. When taking into account

  • different foam types (with product splashes or at 350 °C, 400 bar)
  • an adherent separation layer level with phase inversion
  • a fill level within a hot gas atmosphere
  • or a temporally effective liquid phase separation (with virtually no product loss)

Synva is adaptable. We are your partner for individual metrological solutions or a procedural result – all in one

  • e.g., for container engineering, automatic valves, dosing systems, and chemical pumps

Your company will benefit from our versatility. We support your engineering, provide integrated solutions or adequate replacements… starting with single measuring points and system components to complete systems. Simply click “Industries” or “Products“

With Synva and its partner businesses, you have access to a proven program of high-quality technology – individually or, ideally, in combinatio

  • industrial measurement engineering
  • industrial valves
  • industrial pumps, dosing pumps and systems
  • process engineering in general, incl. pipe and molded parts

Get in touch. We are happy to consult with you – even on site.
Feel free to use our contact page or give us a call.

In concrete terms, we work together with long-term business partners, making use of appropriate synergies – to offer integrated solutions as required as Synva GmbH & Co. KG.

Synva has a variety of highly specialized skills. We know the different technical requirements in industrial production plants. That’s why we can respond to your specific needs. Our versatility provides you with the prerequisites from which your process engineering, and thus your company, can benefit.

On request we can supply:
  • ehedg
  • fda
  • a3
  • ex
  • sil
  • gost
  • dnv
  • dvgw
  • dgrl
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