Chemical Industry

Targeted, reliable, and secure "for the man of the match" - the chemical industry.

Targeted, reliable, and secure “for the man of the match” – the chemical industry

In the chemical industry, processing of high-quality and sensitive media is always an issue.
Tasks for process engineering – what, how much, whereto?
Without wastage, without the product foaming, crystallizing, or – worse – entering into the water treatment – continuous system utilization is essential.

With Synva

  • measure interface levels accurately despite phase inversion
  • detect foams instantly – dose the defoamer in a targeted manner
  • optimize “blow-off” of safety valves with consistent diaphragm seal control
  • in batch mode – to separate liquid phases with virtually no product loss

We offer process engineering with a high degree of function and responsiveness. Deliver products with extremely long service life, taking into account material, temperature, precision, and best possible surface finish (ym).

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