Crude oil. Natural gas

Whether "crude oil in drain water," a separating layer in a desalter, or a NACE diaphragm seal – Synva will support you effectively.

Whether “crude oil in drain water,” a separating layer in a desalter, or a NACE diaphragm seal – Synva will support you effectively

In the energy sector – when drilling and processing crude oil and natural gas – criteria, such as corrosion resistance (according to NACE) and international standards (e.g., ANSI) play an important role. Other buzzwords are pressure surges or seawater resistance.

When heavy oil is processed in the petrochemical industry, this typically often needs to be adapted to the presence of water. Oil in water or water in oil (?) – both must be avoided!
The special conditions relating to process technology in oil processing plants and tank farms as well as in refineries can be well assisted by Synva.

With Synva

  • early detection of “crude oil in drain water” – no visual inspection required
  • effectively measure separation layer levels in the “desalter” – radiometry is so yesterday!
  • effectively “strip off” water and separate it from the oil phase
  • install pressure and temperature measuring equipment according to type approval – e.g., pressure membranes in monel, tantalum or gold leaf
  • dose dosing media consistently in consistent amounts – dosing system = redundant

We offer process engineering with a high degree of function and responsiveness. Deliver products with extremely long service life, taking into account material, temperature, precision, and best possible surface finish (ym).

On request we can supply:
  • ehedg
  • fda
  • a3
  • ex
  • sil
  • gost
  • dnv
  • dvgw
  • dgrl
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