Food... give us today our daily bread!

Food… give us today our daily bread!

With a globally growing population, resources must be strictly managed – not only for cost reasons. The stability of a production process is therefore the be-all and end-all in the food industry. Special standards also apply to efficient hygiene.
The process engineering must therefore meet – better yet surpass – the special requirements. And that applies not only to corresponding certifications, e.g., in compliance with the FDA or EHEDG.

With Synva

  • reduce your cleaning effort (CIP/SIP) with dead space-free process technology, e.g., with a piggable in-line pipe seal (supplied by Synva)
  • you can separate liquid phases from each other with virtually no loss, e.g., aromatics or gelatin from a water phase
  • you can homogenize quickly and efficiently – regardless of the product (no change in measured value; product = homogeneous)
  • dose chlorine dioxide “not with a fire hose” – but with pinpoint precision

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We offer process engineering with a high degree of function and responsiveness. Deliver products with extremely long service life, taking into account material, temperature, precision, and best possible surface finish (ym).

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